Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Device
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Sep 2019

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Lucky to outlast warranty


Home button stopped working rendering device useless just out of warranty. Got no useful help from amazon, not interested, and more importantly they have no resources to repair them. I find that incredible. Customer service will talk all day long but...

Easier than carrying books around

No durability, better to buy a different brand or just stay with paperbacks which will be cheaper in the long run

Mär 2014

Kundenmeinung (

Brothers n Bonz


this book was terrific, it had all the characters of suspense n drama. Brilliant ! You never knewwho did it until almost the very end the plot was twistd around the man characters iike fine wire, threading the stoies tht made up the whole plt. a must...

the characters n the plot

the very beginningwas a tad slow to start..

Jun 2013

Kundenmeinung (



Have owned Kindle for four years,all of a sudden it has started to freeze up & also reboot itself,besides turning itself on at all hours & running the battery down.Rang Amazon America twice,same advice,turn it off,let it reset itself,also did a factory...

Was easy to read & convenient.

Not reliable, no backup service.

Jan 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Great for travelling


The Kindle e reader is the ideal travel companion for those long flights and other journeys.It is light and compact and easily can be carried in your handbag.No more lugging huge, heavy novels with you. With wifi you just need to be in an area where...

the ease with which you can increase the font size

I haven't quite worked out if it is possible to go back to a particular page in a book when you need to.

Dez 2012

Kundenmeinung (

My travel companion


Yes, i certainly agree this is much better than ipad but let me qualify: only for reading. I still have my ipad which i use to control my computer at home remotely. I like the fact that it is small and easy to hold. I can maneuver and change pages...

small easy to use

Nov 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Won't leave home without it


Absolutely love it! So much easier to read than an iPad due to the fact their is no glare and easier on the eyes. You no longer have to drive to any shop to purchase the latest release just download in seconds. I will not buy a handbag that it doesnt...

Easy to use and portability

Nov 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Kindle Wifi 4th Gen - love it


I've had this reader now for nearly a year. It's easy to use, has great battery life and best of all I can use it one handed if I decide to. The kindles are simple to use, easy to set up, made even better if you use a third party app (calibre) to add...

Easy to use, can use one handed, great battery life

No additional storage options

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Broken screens !!!!


I have had three kindles and just bought one for my the machine except for one flaw. the screens are VERY fragile and I,cannot figure out why they have not fixed this defect. Both of my kindle screens have broken (I treat my things very...

Easy to use and down load books

The screen break

Okt 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Easy on the eyes and lightweight


I already have a Sony Touch which I love, but I wanted the better buying opportunity from Amazon that you get for the Kindle, although I have since found out, the Amazon Australia site is nowhere near as good as the American one. Having used both, I...

The Amazon site to buy the books

Not using the standard epub format, and annoying to find my way around on it.

Sep 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Top read and easy to use


We have had a Kindle each for a couple of years now and love them. We travel a lot so to take the Kindle instead of lugging books is great. Readable even in bright sunlight and with the cover and integrated light one can read in bed without disturbing...

Light, easy to read under all conditions

Aug 2012

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