T-Mobile MDA Compact V

alaTest hat 28 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für T-Mobile MDA Compact V zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 3.9/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.1/5 für andere Produkte in der Kategorie Handys. Die Bedienbarkeit und die Leistung bewerten die Testern positiv, aber sie finden die Kamera suboptimal. Über die Konnektivität gibt es verschiedene Meinungen.

Portabilität, Größe, Leistung, Bedienbarkeit, Design

Batterie, Klang, Kamera

Wir haben sowohl Nutzer- als auch Expertenbewertungen, Produktalter und weitere Faktoren ausgewertet. Im Vergleich zu anderen Produkte in der Kategorie Handys erzielt T-Mobile MDA Compact V einen alaScore™ von 81/100 = Sehr gut.


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Expertenbewertung von : Tech Staff (techradar.com)

T-Mobile MDA Compact V review


A smart and competent all-rounder that is packed with features

Pin sharp screen ; Smooth running ; Excellent connectivity

Camera could do with improvement ; Some may find the keyboard fiddly

A fairly good all round smartphone with a pin sharp touchscreen and smooth operating system

Okt 2009

Expertenbewertung von : Kate Solomon (recombu.com)

T-Mobile Compact V Review


T-Mobile's re-purposed HTC Touch Diamond 2 packs a punch on paper, but can the Compact V deliver for both work and play on the Windows Mobile OS?What we likeThe hi-res display is definitely not disappointing…

Mär 2010

Expertenbewertung von (mobilegazette.com)

T-Mobile MDA Compact V


T-Mobile were very much in evidence at this year's MWC event, showcasing some exclusive devices for their network

Feb 2009

Expertenbewertung von (schede-cellulari.it)

Recensione T-Mobile MDA Compact V


Uno Smartphone di assoluto rilievo lanciato sul mercato da T-Mobile. Questo MDA Compact V integra un ricevitore GSM Quadband, su frequenze di 850, 900, 1800 e 1900 MHz. Presente inoltre la funzionalità UMTS in Dual Mode. Per navigare sul Web niente di...

Un telefono completo e un ottimo strumento di intrattenimento. Ecco dunque la presenza dell’immancabile fotocamera digitale, che consente di scattare fotografie e di registrare filmati. L’ottica da 5 megapixel, insieme a funzioni dedicate come Zoom,...

Aug 2010

Kundenmeinung (rightmobilephone.co.uk)

Poor build quality from the stone-age


This is the worst device I have ever used. To begin - the user interface is slow to respond and poorly thought through. When using the 'touch-flow' feature - the phone can't distinguish between a 'swipe' and a 'press' making operation a frustrating p...

Okt 2010

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

T-Mobile MDA Compact V


Light, Compact not to slow

Internet Doesnt always connects even in WLAN (WIFI)

Nov 2009

Kundenmeinung (rightmobilephone.co.uk)

no scroll button and the touch interface is not very responsive


And this is not a mistake - yes poor overall! Everything the user above said, plus there is no scroll button and the touch interface is not very responsive, so scrolling is a nightmare. The much touted High Speed internet is non-existent - my old HT...

Nov 2009

Kundenmeinung (rightmobilephone.co.uk)

Contact search function is poorly implemented


Contact search function is poorly implemented, and very disappointing. On selecting a name it does not return back to the same position to enable reselection of an associated number. The contact list does not display the number until selected.The e...

Okt 2009

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

T-Mobile MDA Compact V


A massive improvement on the first model. Much easier to move around between applications, particularly when finding contacts. Still a compact size, and the larger screen is a vast improvement. Speed is great.

battery life still a problem. Why it is that a blackberry can have a battery life which is far greater I don't know. No regular headphone jack, which is annoying as the headphones just arent that great.

Sep 2009

Kundenmeinung (reevoo.com)

T-Mobile MDA Compact V


TouchFlo3D2 is a very good interface, easy to use, typing is fine (multiple input options including phone-style keypad), haptic feedback is great, Windows Mobile is geared for enabling handset customisation via third party applications so the phone can...

Sound quality from speakers is very poor (though headphone sound quality is fine), battery life is poor, can be a steep learning curve to use a full touch-based handset if coming from a handset which isn't, slow start up time.

Aug 2009