La Pavoni Europiccola

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Look fantastic and makes really great coffee. However, there


Look fantastic and makes really great coffee. However, there is a bit of a knack to making it and often too much trouble. My husband uses it daily, though, and can't start the morning without one.

Apr 2011

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La Pavoni Europiccola


Look fantastic and makes really great coffee. However, there is a bit of a knack to making it and often too much trouble.

Apr 2011

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CoffeeGeek - La Pavoni Europiccola - John Swanson's Review


After a little over 1 year, I am having difficulties which make the machine almost unusable. 1. If I let it heat up too much (turn it on and wait 10 minutes), I cannot fit the portafilter holder into the brew group. I presume tht something in the...

I cannot think of anything good about this machine

After a little over 1 year, I am having difficulties which make the machine almost unusable. 1. If I let it heat up too much (turn it on and wait 10 minutes), I cannot fit the portafilter holder into the brew group. I presume tht something in the...

Mär 2011

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CoffeeGeek - La Pavoni Europiccola - Ike Uri's Review


I purchased a used 1972 off of eBay for a very good price. The machine came with the double basket missing, and as I quickly found out it is near impossible to pull singles on this machine. Because of the high cost I went with an Olympia double...

Very fun to use, interesting, very hands on, allows the barista to be very "in touch" with the coffee

Very hands on, difficult to get anything consistent, time consuming, no real temperature control, over heating issues

Nov 2010

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CoffeeGeek - La Pavoni Europiccola - Bill Naumann's Review


I own two Europiccolos and at present both are 'burned out' and unused as a result. Today I googled for a repairman in my area, found one in Glendale (California) and drove to the (apartment building) address shown for the alleged repairman. Nobody...

Accepts various grinds, easy to load & use, interesting to look at, makes great coffee

Repair costs, etc. Occsionally one of our visitors volunteers (without permission) to make coffee in our absence, leaves it on too long and burns out the 'fuse' (diode?) or whatever. Then one has to search for the replacement part or a repairman

Sep 2010

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Beautiful, Easy, Fun & Forgiving.


I got mine on eBay for $355.00 using the buy-it now feature after checking out what my Zassenhaus Grain Mill high bidder was also bidding on. It was an unused showroom display model from in Olympia, WA. When it arrived it was perfect....

Looks beautiful. Easy and fun to use. Easy to keep clean. Very forgiving despite what some say. Just needs to be loaded with goods beans, ground fine enough, and tamped properly. Great for frothing too. Compact and easy to store as well

Gets very hot in exposed areas. It would be easy to gets a nasty burn if not careful

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Italian steel-and-chrome perfection; seven years (so far) of excellence. If you want is what it was designed for- 6oz double cappuccinos, there's no b


Okay, I'll admit, I love this machine. I can walk in the door (home after work), fill it, turn it on, start the timer, grind the coffee (she's backed up with two Solis Maestro grinders, one for regular, one for decaf), and be enjoying a perfect double...

Coolest thing on the countertop. Amaze your friends with your semi-tame chrome pet dragon, hissing and spitting while you make perfect traditional double (6-oz.) cappuccinos

Slow cycling time, steam capacity limited to about 25 seconds- just what it takes to do 4 ounces of milk- which is what it was designed for

Mär 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Beautiful machine. Must have good beans, grinder, tamper and patience to make a good shot. With a little practice it is all worth it.


This is a pre millenium model, circa 1980, I bought through the local classifieds. The price was excellent,$100, but it had been sitting long and need the seals replaced. So another $100 for parts and labour. After that i tried to pull a couple of...

One can produce an excellent shot with this machine provided they have all the proper tools, ingredients and patients. Attractive looking

Heats up very hot after a couple of shots. Takes a little time to figure out how to pull a good shot

Dez 2009

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The Chrome Peacock--There is no substitute!


This craigslist bargain was an upgrade to my espresso experience; my previous machine was a $bucks Barista. I had read online about some of the difficulties of learning to use a lever, but I decided to take the plunge. This pre-Millenium example had...

Wonderful kitchen art; looks great on countertop, presents a well-built appearance. Easy to pull decent shots, and with a little effort and study, can make fantastic espresso. Has been around for many many years, so parts, accessories and advice are...

Gets hot! Keep kids and pets away. Quirks: small (49 mm) portafilter, odd placement of portafilter into group head, small boiler capacity. Watch out for the dreaded "La Pavoni sneeze." Did I mention that it gets hot

Nov 2009

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A superb machine that will at first frustrate but then educate in the art and science of espresso making, and at a reasonable price. Perserverence wi


It all started when my parents-in-law had this strange, but beautiful, looking machine hiding almost embarrassingly deep within the kitchen cupboards. "Please take this thing off us" they pleaded, admitting that bought it on a whim 12 years ago...

A completely manual machine. There is no hiding behind any machine assisted functionality and gadgetry. Apart from helping getting the water temperature/pressure correct (millenium models only), it is utterly all down to you. It is almost akin to...

If you just want a good espresso with minimal effort and little thought, then do not get this machine. It will demand a significant investment of your time, coffee and patience. Also, it cannot handle too many consecutive shots before it gets too...

Sep 2009

Product Specifications


Anzahl der Ausflüsse:1 / 2
Behälter für gebrühten Kaffee:Tasse
Eingebaute Anzeige:Nicht
Gehäusematerial:Edelstahl / Metall / Synthetik
Produktfarbe:Chrom, Holz / Edelstahl, Holz / Schwarz, Edelstahl
Produkttyp:Espresso machine


AC Eingangsfrequenz:60
AC Eingangsspannung:120


Beleuchteter An-/Aus-Schalter:ja
Entfernbarer Tropfbehälter:ja

Gewicht & Abmessungen



Eingebautes Mahlwerk:Nicht
Fassungsvermögen Behälter:0,8
Fassungsvermögen Wassertank:0,8
Getränkearten:Cappuccino, Espresso / Espresso
Kaffee-Einfüllart:Gemahlener Kaffee
Kaffeezubereitungstyp:Halbautomatisch / Manuell
Kapazität (in Tassen):8
Maximaler Betriebsdruck:0,8
Zubereitung von Cappuccino:ja