Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen, 2015)

Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen, 2015)
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Aug 2020

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Expertenbewertung von : Kim Wetzel (digitaltrends.com)

Ring Video Doorbell review


Along with the door itself, the doorbell is one of the first items most visitors will interact with when entering your home. The Ring Video Doorbell can show you who's at the door, whether they've actually rung the doorbell or not. Here's how it stacks...

Enormous security potential ; Intuitive app ; Easy installation ; Inexpensive

Latency in time-to-answer ; Plastic-y case components

We think the Ring Video Doorbell is a great addition to any home, and at just $99, is a steal.

Jan 2019

Expertenbewertung von : Edward Chester (trustedreviews.com)

Ring Video Doorbell Review | Trusted Reviews


Ring Video Doorbell review: A great home security solution that lets you see who's calling and record motion-detected video.

Smart design ; Very easy setup ; Largely intuitive mobile app ; Decent-quality footage ; Reliable motion detection ; Talkback works well

Easy to steal ; No ring tone options ; Only one month of cloud storage included

Technically a great home security solution, but the higher-resolution Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a now a better choice.

Okt 2018

Expertenbewertung von : Edward Chester (trustedreviews.com)

Ring Video Doorbell


The Ring is a clever twist on more traditional internet-enabled security cameras such as the Netgear Arlo. As well as providing motion-responsive video recording and alerts, it also replaces your doorbell.

Technically a great home security solution, but the required subscription service dents its value.

Sep 2016

Expertenbewertung von : John R. Delaney (pcmag.com)

Ring Video Doorbell


The Ring Video Doorbell lets you use your smartphone to see who is at your door before you open it. It offers motion detection, push notifications, and video recording, but audio quality is inconsistent and battery life could be better.

Easy to install. HD video. Cloud recording. Motion detection notifications.

Pricey. No on-demand video. Audio could be better. Short battery life.

Conclusions With the Ring Video Doorbell, you can see who is at your door from the safety and comfort of your couch. It lets you accept or deny visitor calls, and uses motion detection to alert you of activity on your doorstep even when the bell hasn't...

Mär 2015

Expertenbewertung von (wired.com)

Review: Ring Video Doorbell


The Ring is a novel idea: a person rings your doorbell, your smartphone buzzes, and with a tap, you can initiate a videochat with the...

Interact with visitors and delivery persons without opening the door---or even without being home. Painless installation and setup. New feature can detect motion on your property, up to 30 feet away. For a small fee, every trigger is recorded

Alerts sometimes take far too long to arrive on your smartphone---as long as 30 seconds. Motion detection requires some fine-tuning. No remote camera access (yet)

Feb 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Cam Bunton (pocket-lint.com)

Ring Video Doorbell review: Chime-tastic security for your front door


In the age of the smart home, the number of home devices being connected to the internet is expanding exponentially. Whether it's a kettle, fridge, vacuum cleaner, the central heating or - in this case - a doorbell, you can control and monitor almost...

Multiple users can answer the door remotely, night vision and motion detection work well, noise cancellation makes audio clear

Battery down to 80 per cent after one week, needs dismounting and charging every time it runs flat, dependent on network performance

The Ring Video Doorbell provides a great service and adds an element of security to a product category which has long been just a minor peripheral.

Aug 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Jon Phillips (techhive.com)

Ring Video Doorbell review: The gadget that makes crooks think you never leave home


Ring provides home security through a video peephole, letting you see who's at the door whether you're inside the house or 100 miles away.

Let's you view, and speak with, anyone who presses your doorbell. ; Wide-angle video with night vision. ; Motion-detection feature sends video alerts when anyone steps to your door.

Bad lag times between doorbell presses and smartphone alerts. ; Slow app performance. ; No video-on-demand (yet).

My connection problems notwithstanding, I still give Ring a cautious thumbs-up. Every user will enter the Ring experience with a different connectivity situation—different home Wi-Fi dynamics; different smartphone variables—so others might experience...

Apr 2018

Expertenbewertung von : Lewis Painter (techadvisor.co.uk)

Ring Smart Doorbell review


Smart home security systems are becoming more and more popular in the UK - but what about the front door? While smart doorbells are relatively new in the UK, US residents have been using them for a while and Ring is one of the more popular options. Now...

Nov 2017

Expertenbewertung von : Megan Wollerton (cnet.co.uk)

Ring Video Doorbell review


Editors' note, February 27, 2015: BOT Home Automation recently launched a software update that adds motion detection and customizable zones. The review and rating have been updated to account for this change.

Ring's audio quality is much better than Doorbot's, its 180-degree field of view lets you see a whole lot more and its motion detection zones work well.

I experienced occasional lag times and spotty video feeds.

Ring is a significant step up from Doorbot and its upcoming weather-sensing features show promise, but I'm still a little concerned about its ability to stream a consistently decent video.

Dez 2014

Expertenbewertung von : Alex Hernandez (techaeris.com)

Ring Video Doorbell Review: See Who’s At Your Door From Your Phone


Most everyone has a doorbell on the front of their house, apartment or townhouse. It's kind of a staple of all dwellings. Even apartment buildings usually have a buzzer or intercom system to communicate with visitors. Now take that same doorbell and...

Overall Ring is a pretty nifty gadget that really didn’t disappoint. Admittedly there are a few streaming issues here and there but my AT&T network has always been flaky, I drop WiFi on my devices a lot. Ring worked every time it was activated and the...

Feb 2015

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Ring »Video Doorbell 3 Plus« Überwachungskamera...
Kamerafunktionen Aufnahmefunktionen, Nachtaufnahme Funktion, Aufnahmemodi, Nacht-Modus, Blickwinkel...
€ 229,- ZUM SHOP
RING Video Doorbell 2 Akku (5200 mAh, Schwarz)
5200 mAh Akku geeignet für RING Video Doorbell 2 (8AB1S7-0EN0, Dual Port Charging Station). 12 Monate...
€ 58,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Video Doorbell (2. Generation)« Smart Home...
Kamerafunktionen Blickwinkel horizontal maximal, 155 °, Stromversorgung Anzahl Akkus, 1 St., Produktdetails...
€ 102,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Video Doorbell Pro« Smart Home Türklingel...
Kamerafunktionen Blickwinkel horizontal maximal, 160 °, Produktdetails Einsatzort, Außenbereich, Farbe...
€ 277,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Video Doorbell 3« Smart Home Türklingel...
Kamerafunktionen Aufnahmefunktionen, Nachtaufnahme Funktion, Art Bedienung, App-Bedienung, Produktdetails...
€ 199,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Video Doorbell (2. Generation)« Smart Home...
Kamerafunktionen Blickwinkel horizontal maximal, 155 °, Stromversorgung Anzahl Akkus, 1 St., Produktdetails...
€ 102,- ZUM SHOP
ABUS KA9001 Video-Kombi-Kabel 100m Ring RG59 Strom...
ABUS Video-Kombi-Kabel 100 m Artikelnr: KA9001 EAN-Nr.: 4043158008340 Produktbesonderheiten: Kombiniertes...
€ 160,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Spotlight Cam (Akku)« Überwachungskamera...
Produktdetails Einsatzort, Außenbereich, Farbe Farbe, weiß, Videofunktionen Auflösungsstandard Video, HD...
€ 229,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Floodlight Cam« Überwachungskamera...
Kamerafunktionen Aufnahmefunktionen, Gesichtserkennung, Produktdetails Einsatzort, Außenbereich, Farbe...
€ 297,- ZUM SHOP
Ring »Stick Up Cam Battery - White Gen 3« Smart Home...
Produktdetails Einsatzort, Außenbereich Innenbereich, Farbe Farbe, weiß, Hinweise Lieferumfang, Akkupack...
€ 102,- ZUM SHOP

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