Philips Hue Go (7146060PH/PU)

Philips Hue Go (7146060PH/PU)
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Jan 2020

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Expertenbewertung von : Timothy Torres (

Philips Hue Go


The Hue Go is a fun, portable addition to Philips' connected lighting ecosystem, though less expensive alternatives abound.

Portable. Doesn't require a hub. Wide range of colors. Easy to use.

Pricey. Low brightness. Needs hub for full potential.

Conclusion The Hue Go offers a wide range of colors with an intuitive, simple-to-use control scheme (one button), and it's easy to carry around. That's great. But the overall low brightness pretty much relegates it to the mood lighting or novelty...

Jul 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Mike Lowe (

Philips Hue Go: The portable, colourful and independent addition to Hue lighting system (hands-on) - Pocket-lint


Philips Hue, the adjustable lighting system that can be colour and luminance controlled via your smart device, is expanding, with the new Hue Go portable

Apr 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Chris Davies (

Philips Hue Go Review – Finally, a battery


Philips has been pushing its Hue smart lighting system for years now, but it's taken until now, and the Hue Go, for the lamps to gain a battery for truly wireless convenience. Latest to the app-controlled line-up, the distinctive little lamp offers the...

Membership in the Hue club has never exactly been cheap. Even today, a starter kit of three of the color bulbs will set you back $200, or $80 if you can make do with a pair of white bulbs. Since the platform launched in 2012, Philips has gradually...

Apr 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Ry Crist (

Philips introduces Hue Go, cuts Hue Lux pricing


Philips is adding another color-changing smart light to the Hue family this summer, and with a built-in, rechargeable battery, you'll be able to take it with you around the home. Dubbed Philips Hue Go, the hemispherical fixture will retail for $100...

The Philips Hue Go is expected to sell on Amazon and at Best Buy and the Apple Store by early June. European shoppers can find it even sooner, with units selling this month for €100 each. Australian availability isn't locked down just yet, though...

Apr 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Christopher Phin (

Philips Hue Go review: Let there be light


A portable, rechargeable, multicoloured LED lamp which gives a gentle, glowing introduction to smart home technology

Nov 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Raymond Wong (

Philips Hue Go: A cute smart lamp that's not as smart as it promises [REVIEW]


Adorable ; Lights up in 16 million colors ; Sweet alarm and timer features ; Works if IFTTT and many third-party Hue apps ; Pretty bright for a little lamp

Requires Hue Bridge to work with app ; Alarms and timers feature don't work with official app ; Non-replaceable battery and bulb ; Didn't work with Amazon Echo's voice controls

The Philips Hue Go is a great idea that just never lives up to its intended purpose because of a silly wireless dongle and a busted app.

Aug 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Darrell Etherington (

Philips Hue Go Offers Smart Lighting Without The Cord


Philips has a new addition to their Hue smart lighting system: The Hue Go, a portable light that packs three hours of use on a full charge before it needs to be plugged in again. The Hue Go has a single button that offers local control over light tone...

Apr 2015

Expertenbewertung von : Edwin (

Philips Hue Go Delivers Cordless Smart Lighting Solution


Philips has decided to expand their Hue smart lighting system family with the presence of another member, which will be better known as the Philips Hue Go. The Hue Go happens to be a portable light which will be able to deliver up to three hours of use...

Of course, the Hue Go does share a family resemblance to some of the other current efforts from Philips, such as the LivingColors Iris and Bloom, although the special thing about the Philips Hue Go would be its integrated battery. This particularly...

Apr 2015

zilver award voor de Philips Hue Go

Expertenbewertung von : Arjan Olsder (

Review: Philips Hue Go (Hue voor buiten)


Het Philips Hue systeem beperkt zich al lang niet meer tot de bekende LED peertjes. Philips produceert met enige regelmaat complete Hue armaturen, maar ook die zijn eigenlijk alleen voor binnen bedoelt. Wil je toch buiten genieten van het Hue systeem,...

Mooi armatuur ; Handbediening mogelijk ; Beschikt over animaties

3,5 uur maximale gebruiksduur kan wat kort zijn ; Nog geen universele microUSB lader

De Hue Go is een opvallende verschijning in het Hue assortiment. Niet alleen is het een compleet armatuur, maar het is ook de eerste lamp die zonder app te bedienen is en mee naar buiten kan. De accuprestaties van de Hue Go blijken aardig, mits je niet...

Aug 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Excellent Lamp


"Does just what it says in the description. well constructed latched on to the HUE network without any difficulty "

Mär 2019

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