Samsung Portable SSD T1 / MU-PS1T0B

Samsung Portable SSD T1 / MU-PS1T0B
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Jan 2020

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Samsung Portable SSD T1 (1TB)


What's more, unlike other compact storage devices, the T1 supports data encryption. It also works with both Windows and Mac computers, after a brief setup process.

The Samsung Portable SSD T1 is tiny yet super-fast. The drive has up to 1TB of storage space, supports data encryption and works with both Mac and Windows.

The drive is expensive and has only a three-year warranty.

Other than its cost, the Samsung Portable SSD T1 is what any portable drive should be.

Jan 2015

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A very fast light weight drive. I highly recommend.


I would recommend this drive for high end gaming and gaming on the go.

I like this hard drive because It is light weight and very fast. Also very easy to setup.

Apr 2016

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I would recommend this to a friend and, if the price of SSDs continues to drop, i'll likely buy another one of these but in the 1 TB version.

Puny Light as a feather (and i'm only exaggerating buy an oz here!) SSD Fast Transfer rates (both read and write) Micro profile so it's out of the way

none thus far

Mär 2016

Kundenmeinung (

Works with Wii-U (with a separate cable)


I was able to get this working as a Wii-U external storage device. However, the built-in USB cable did not work. I needed a separate USB Y cable (something like for the drive to receive...



Jan 2016

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Mac Addendum


One thing that was left out of the Mac instructions in the immediately preceding review is that the SSD needs to be connected directly to your computer (without any hub or intervening device) to be recognized as a boot drive. Even though you have set...

See immediately preceding review.

See immediately preceding review

Dez 2015

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So big to be so small


When I opened the box for this drive, I was astounded at its small size: 2-3/4 inches by 2 inches by 3/8 inch. I was also astounded at how short the cable is (less than 6 inches is ideal for some applications, and would be lousy for others). Thank...

Small physical size. 1 TB drive. Relatively easy set up on Mac. Power from the USB port USB 3 and fast.

Really short cable.

Dez 2015

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Small. Looks good.


Dez 2015

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Fantastic for use as a fast data transfer or backup. Encryption works well. Works well without Encryption. Small size, and short USB cord excellent for portability.

None at this point.

Nov 2015

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Fast delivery, Fast SSD


I am not using the built in encryption since the SSD is attached to a non-portable computer (Mac Mini in my home office). My primary need is for a device that does not have "spin-up" time when not used for the last 10 minutes. The SSD satisfies that...

Fast install - just follow the instructions. Fast device - what do you expect from an SSD? Fast delivery: ordered on Monday, arrived on Tuesday. Nice capacity - 0.5TB Works with Mac Mini, flawlessly. Overall speed is about the same as my WD 2TB hard...

o I wish SSD's were less expensive. o I wish this SSD had a Thunderbolt interface along with the USB3. My experience is the T'bolt is WAY faster than USB3. o This device has about the same overall speed as a physical HD with T'bolt. o For some unknown...

Nov 2015

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Neat gadget


It's obviously premature to discuss reliability but this drive, which is about the size of a business card but 3/4 shorter and only weighs a few grams, with a small current draw can hold about the same as 4 big flash drives. I have other portable...

Small, light weight, fast

None yet

Okt 2015

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