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Jan 2020

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Expertenbewertung von : Heidi Kemps (



Nier is an average game at best, which is why it's so strange that I fell in love with it.

Utterly bizarre and engrossing story, great dialogue and character interactions, very cool boss fights

Action is pretty standard and is broken up by jarring gameplay changes, mandatory mini-games and fetch quests, strong visual design marred by poor texture work

It may not be the prettiest or most polished action-RPG experience available, but Square Enix's Nier is still a fun title in its own right, creatively melding hack-n-slash gameplay with traditional RPG elements, and topped off with a bizarre yet...

Mai 2010

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Buy me!


I didn't play this for ages after buying it due to FF13, Fallout etc and it got left to one side. This is probably one of the best games I have played (as an RPG fan) - it has a fantastic storyline (the type FF has been missing for a long time) and a...

Jan 2011

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One of my favourite games of the year!


I bought this game for just a tenner after months of ignoring it on the shelves just because critics didn't love it - ignore them! This game is a fantastic RPG with a simplistic story-line, which is a welcome change for me when so many RPGs of late...

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Nier, Far, Wherever you are!


I got this game quite cheap. Expected nothing of it... and it delivered SO much more! You will care about the characters even if the titular man looks like a fat mop handle. The voice acting is awesome, the big bosses actually feel BIG and the music...

Sep 2010

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great game .. this is the best rpg game ive played and ive played most of them..

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Ignore the critics


very good game, easy to play and understand, good story, variety of bosses and enemies. fighting controls are not too complicated and magic isvery cool and unique to this game.

Jun 2010

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one of the main story quests requires you to catch a fish and this is damn near impossible due to the mechanics they have implemented it with. i gave up after 1hour but read somemore online reviews and it appears it took some people 4-5 hours

Mai 2010

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A different RPG


Nier is an RPG that is different in that I actually enjoyed the storyline. Too many games of late have had trite and boring stories with predictable plots. Nier however comes from the people at Cavia and it shows in the story. The combat in the game is...

Mai 2010

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Interesting story .BUT


Story will keep you interested, but the gameplay of going one place to the next will make you.....sleep. At some points of the game you may wish something big might happen. If you make to the last final chapter, NOW THATS when the pace/action really...

Mai 2010

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best rpg ever


well?where can i start in the praising of this game?it really is a pleasure to play afrer all the rubbish thats come out lately,everything you'd expect in an rpg is here,the graphics are really great as is the fighting,plenty of hack and slash and the...

Mai 2010