Mad Catz Eclipse II

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Mad Catz Eclipse II


still using it for over 3 yrs... love it... all led lites still working just fine..


Nov 2015

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Had it for 6 years and it still runs strong, minimal signs of wear. I've used it HEAVILY for gaming, school, research, etc. ever since I've had it. Still running strong.

Excellent keyboard

No cons

Aug 2015

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Fantastic - 7+ years


Bought in July 2007, and I'm using it to type this review. The only key that has any sort of issue is the C key where the letter started to wear off. (I don't even care, but some people do.) This board has seen so many things thrown at it, survived 4...

Doesn't clean itself. Out of stock.

Nov 2014

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I love this keyboard


It's been my main keyboard for the last 4 years and I'm finally replacing it with a mechanical one. Still it's been my favorite keyboard I've owned since the M2. If you want an entry level gaming keyboard. Look no further.

This is a worth predecessor to the Saitek Eclipse. It has soft, tactile keys that feel great for gaming. The LED brightness is controllable with a dial nob above the keypad and can toggle between Blue, Red, and Purple back lighting. System volume...

It only supports 3 simultaneous key presses. For a gamer, this probably won't be enough in some situations. Unlike the Eclipse I, the Eclipse II has opaque indicators on the keys so the back lighting only bleeds through the keygaps. On the Eclipse I,...

Mär 2014

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Awesome keyboard!


I've had this keyboard for 6 years without any problems at all. I'm getting ready to get the newer one, and just looked this up to see how long I've had it.

Very durable! The backlights are great, and the keys are very easy to type on.

The lettering eventually does wear off of the keys.

Sep 2013

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Very solid, lasting keyboard


I've owned this keyboard since 2007 or 2008, and, with the exception of a bit of black paint coming off the edges of certain keys and the dimming of some blue LEDs, everything works as well as the day I bought it. It's the lasting nature of this very...

-Strong backlight with a choice of colors -Dependable/lasting. -Media keys are very handy (mainly used in my case with iTunes). -Nice design. -Rubber feet are great, no movement during usage.

-None, generally speaking.

Sep 2013

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Nice Keyboard, horrible keys


Its a nice keyboard, don't get me wrong, but its so hard to press the keys down that its really not worth using. Too much of my time is spent going back and making corrections in my work due to this keyboard. While the stiffness of the keys may add to...

Nice presentation, media keys work well, lights are cool since they go through the keys themselves, solid construction

The keys are way to hard to press, when I first got the keyboard I thought I merely had to break it in, but after almost a year of use, it still hasn't gotten any easier. almost every key, except for the space bar, has to be pushed down with such force...

Sep 2013

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Form and Function


All around good keyboard, great for the price. I would recommend it to anyone who didn't mind having a slightly larger key separation than most. Looks good and feels good. No complaints, here.

The backlighting is really nice, with the three colour choices and the dimming control. The keyboard responds very well, while typing. I do a lot of gaming and it feels good right out of the box.

The keys are a little widely spaced, for some. I've got big enough hands that it doesn't bother me, but I can see some struggling with this.

Aug 2013

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Letters chipping away in 7 mos.


Do not buy Mad Cats Products cheap quality bad support.

Nice illumination, Multimedia buttons

Letters starting to wear chipping away on the keys in about 7 mos.

Aug 2013

Kundenmeinung (



Awesome keyboard with 3 different colors. This is easily the coolest keyboard I have owned. Colors make it really easy to see the keys in a dark room.

Wish there were more than 3 colors

Aug 2013

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