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Nov 2019

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Expertenbewertung von : Steve May (

Sky+HD review


T3 checks out the Sky+ HD 2TB set-top box

Massive hard drive ; Improved On Demand choice ; Seamless app integration

No 5.1 Dolby Digital over HDMI ; Only two tuners

Dez 2012


Expertenbewertung von (

Sky+ HD


Match it with the right sound and vision kit, and your TV watching will be transformed

Great Sky+ recording functionality; fine selection of sports and movies; can look and sound stunning; price

We'd like more of that 300GB capacity available for recordings

Expertenbewertung von (

Sky HD review


How much detail is too much detail? Sky's HD box reveals what sometimes is better left unknown

The original and still the best, Sky HD offers more of everything than anyone else

Sep 2007

Expertenbewertung von : Tech Staff (

Sky HD review


The one they're all trying to beat

Glorious HD picture quality ; Fantastic channels

Subscription can be expensive

Unsurpassable for wow-factor pictures, particularly when it comes to HD, but too many repeats on third party channels can be annoying

Aug 2007

Expertenbewertung von : James Holland (

Sky+ HD


Sky+ HD is the original High-Definition box, feeding your hungry peepers with an ever-burdgeoning amount of HD channels and a side-order of hundreds of standard-definition channels. Even Michael Parkinson has one.

Range of HD content and extensive channel choice

Lacks comprehensive on-demand content

For sport and an ever-expanding range of top-drawer HD content, this remains the undisputed champion. Even Michael Parkinson likes it...

Jun 2009

Expertenbewertung von : Simon Barker (

Sky HD Review


I've been looking at buying Sky HD on and off for over a year now, basically since I got a my Samsung 32″ LCD HDTV. Up until now I've been using an upscaling DVD player to bring my viewing closer to High Definition quality, but now here's my Sky HD...

In terms of costs, yes you are paying for the Sky HD box and an extra £10 a month, but I’m definitely saving money in the long run as I'm no longer buying DVDs (with lower picture quality) which I only end up watching once.

Aug 2008

Expertenbewertung von : John Archer (

Sky HD


Sky's finally got there with HD broadcasts - but is it worth the hype?

HD pictures can be almost unbelievably good, good connectivity, good design, nice price for the box

10 extra subscription seems a bit steep, occasional software glitches, variable HD picture quality

Its connections panel intriguingly sports both component and HDMI outputs for HD pictures. Originally Sky had suggested that it would only allow HD pictures to leave via the HDMI socket because of HDMI's more advanced anti-piracy measures. So...

Jun 2006

Expertenbewertung von (

Sky HD Review


Our man was one of the first UK viewers to get Sky HD installed in his country mansion. Now we get his first impressions of the television revolution that is Sky High Definition.

Mai 2006

Kundenmeinung (



recording ability, user frendly, cost saving, no contract time to make up your mind what package you want.quality of programs, quality of picture / sound

slow when starting up

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VU+ Plus Zero E2 Linux Full HD Sat 1xDVB-S2 Receiver...
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Coolstream CST Tank Sat NeutrinoHD Twin Full HD...
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Apple TV (32GB, 4. Generation) € 159,- ZUM SHOP TechniSat DIGIT ISIO S2 - HD-Satellitenreceiver (mit... € 184,- ZUM SHOP Samsung N5375 80 cm (32 Zoll) LED Fernseher (Full HD... € 349,- ZUM SHOP

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