Genius Colorpage SF-600

Genius Colorpage SF-600
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Jul 2020

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Expertenbewertung von : crmaris (

Corsair SF600 Platinum SFX PSU Review


The SF600 Platinum is currently Corsair's flagship SFX model offering a notable efficiency increase yet another fantastic power supply from Corsair- targeting the SFX audience.

Delivered full power at 47°C.

I would like to see two EPS connectors (and ideally four PCIe).

If you can afford the price and don’t have a problem with the single EPS and the two PCIe connectors, the SF600 Platinum is the best SFX unit that money can buy today. Its lead in our performance charts won’t last for long though, since Corsair will...

Nov 2018


Expertenbewertung von : OklahomaWolf (

Corsair SF600 Platinum


A couple years ago, Corsair came to us with their then new SF600 80 Plus Gold unit and told us they would like to rule the SFX market. We quickly discovered they had good reason to be optimistic. But times have changed, and things rarely stand still in...

able to hit Titanium efficiency at times ; crazy high standby efficiency ; mythic level voltage stability ; excellent ripple control ; tons of goodies ; semi-fanless ; fully modular ; fantastic build quality ; long warranty

are you kidding me

Cables. I literally came within a set of cables from giving out the first perfect score in quite some time since my scoring methodology tightened up to avoid giving out too many of those. The SF600 Platinum took what was already one heck of a good...

Nov 2018

Expertenbewertung von : OklahomaWolf (

Corsair SF600 600W


The world of the small form factor PC has gone rather neglected over the years when it comes to decent power supplies in the form factors required for these tiny cases. For too many years now, we either had our choice between one good brand with decent...

managed Platinum efficiency ; near mythic voltage regulation ; excellent ripple control ; fantastic build quality ; 7 year warranty


If you've somehow made it to the end of this review, need a good SFX unit, and are still wondering if you should buy one of these; let me make this real easy for you: YES!!!

Jul 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Aris Mpitziopoulos (

Corsair SF600 Power Supply Review


We recently evaluated Corsair's SF450, which left a good impression on us. Now it's time to test the family's flagship SF600, which can deliver 150W more power using exactly the same cable configuration.

Full power at 47 °C • Efficient • Ripple Suppression • Load regulation • Transient response • 5VSB performance • Compact dimensions • Quality caps • Build quality • Fully modular • Hold-up time • Warranty

Price • Noisy • No option to deactivate the semi-passive mode • Single EPS connector • Should have more PCIe and SATA connectors • No Berg adapter is provided • ATX cable should be longer • No SFX to ATX adapter

Corsair's SF600 is currently the best SFX PSU with 600W capacity, however it would be even better if it had more connectors and its fan profile wasn't so aggressive. In addition, Corsair should include an SFX to ATX adapter in the bundle.

Mai 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Allan 'Zardon' Campbell (

Corsair SF 450 and SF 600 PSU Review


Today Corsair release two new SFX power supplies - the aptly named SF450 and SF600, in 450 watt and Today Corsair release two new SFX power supplies – the aptly named SF450 and SF600, in 450 watt and 600 watt capacities respectively. One of the talking...

lovely understated appearance.

SFX power supplies are expensive.

Kitguru says: Both Corsair SF450 and SF600 power supplies are technically solid designs and will be ideal for many small form factor system builds. The adoption of an effective, large 92mm fan and 105c Japanese capacitors ensure they will deliver...

Mär 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Aris Mpitziopoulos (

Recensione alimentatore Corsair SF600


Dopo aver recentemente testato il Corsair SF450, ora diamo uno sguardo al modello di punta della famiglia di alimentatori SFX, l'SF600 che offre 150 watt in più di potenza usando esattamente la stessa configurazione di cavi.

piena potenza a 47 °C, efficiente, soppressione del ripple, regolazione del carico, risposta transitoria, prestazioni 5VSB, dimensioni compatte, condensatori di qualità, qualità costruttiva, completamente modulare, tempo di mantenimento, garanzia

prezzo, rumorosità, nessuna opzione per disattivare la modalità semi passiva, singolo connettore EPS, dovrebbe avere più connettori PCIe e SATA, nessun adattatore Berg, cavo ATX che dovrebbe essere più lungo, nessun adattatore da SFX ad ATX

l'SF600 è attualmente il migliore alimentatore SFX da 600 watt e sarebbe persino migliore se avesse più connettori e un profilo della ventola non così aggressivo. Corsair avrebbe inoltre dovuto includere un adattatore da SFX ad ATX nel bundle.

Jun 2016

Expertenbewertung von : Henrik Kalling (

Test: Corsair SF600


Corsair presenterade SF-serien av nätaggregat i samband med lanseringen av sin TV-bänksdator Bulldog. Då med löften om en separat lansering för dem som vill bygga sina egna kompakta system. Dock har detta låtit vänta på sig, till nu. Lagom till våren...

Mycket bra rippelvärden. Klassledande effektivitet. Semipassivt och helt modulärt. Konkurrenskraftig prissättning.

Något högljutt vid 75% belastning och uppåt.

Ett nätaggregat för dem som vill bygga ett kompakt system med kraftfulla komponenter.

Kundenmeinung (

Motoroal Bluetooth Stereo Headset


The sound quality is very good, the headet is comfortable to wear compared to others, very light and portable, water resistant and the battery life is decent. I've worn these several times on long bike rides and while cutting my grass on my lawn...

It takes a few trials to of the different sized ear buds to get a good fit and seal so don't get disappointed if the first size does not fit comfortably

Aug 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Save Your Money


It worked for 5 days. Then I shelved it for a while [the second one I received]. Recently tried to use the new one with my samsung galaxy s4 and sounded worse than before

Waste of time and money. Doesnt fit very well and music is not very clear. Current phone is Samsung Galaxy S4

Mai 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Do NOT Trust Positive Reviews


I buy internationally manufactured products routinely on Newegg; they're usually great and unbelievable bargains. This product is so bad, I am stunned that Newegg agreed to sell it. Given that the "Details" say that the device does not work on Windows...

None, if your system is Windows 7. Do NOT trust the positive reviews below. Downloading the software from genuisnet, apparently a Taiwanese company, will take most home users at least an hour, after which the unzipped drivers will not install on a...

Do NOT trust reviews here that claim this will work on a Windows 7 64-bit system. The software included in the scanner package claims the driver can be updated; it cannot. Worse, if you have a slot-loading optical drive, the software may refuse to eject

Mär 2012

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