Onkyo TX NR3007

Onkyo TX NR3007
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Dez 2018

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Expertenbewertung von : Alvin Gold (techradar.com)

Onkyo TX-NR3007 review


Is there anything this feature-packed 9.2-channel HD receiver from Onkyo can't do?

Incredibly well-equipped ; Excellent audio performance and SD upscaling

Looks a bit bland ; Huge feature list will take some exploring

Offering brilliant sound and top quality features, Onkyo have released a stunning high-end AV receiver

Dez 2009

Expertenbewertung von : admin (lydogbilde.no)

Onkyo TX-NR3007


Med ni forsterkertrinn og to uavhengige subwooferutganger, oppfordrer Onkyo deg til å fylle opp stua med høyttalere.

God lyd ; Mange forsterkerkanaler ; Mange HDMI-innganger

Litt grovkornet diskant ; Manuell innstilling vrient

Onkyo TX-NR3007 er en receiver for den kresne. Med 9.2 kanaler skal det ikke stå på antall ønsket høyttalere. Og med den avanserte Audyssey XT romkorreksjonen i kombinasjon med Audyssey DSX surrounddekoding, får man et stort og omsluttende lydbilde....

Dez 2009

Expertenbewertung von (foster.ru)

Onkyo TX-NR3007


Модель, следующая после топового аппарата TX-NR5007. Она отличается от него минимально, а стоит ощутимо дешевле. Идеальный выбор для состоятельного киномана?

Mär 2010

Expertenbewertung von (smartson.se)

Maxad ljudfördelare


Onkyo TX-NR3007 är en funktionsspäckad receiver som lämpar sig lika utmärkt bra för surrounduppställningen som stereoförstärkare. Upplevelsen störs enbart av små missar i användargränssnittet.

Mär 2010

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Technical Service a bummer.


Think again before buying expensive units -

Great Sound, fabulous video - while it lasts - my initial review of the unit was very positive - wonderful sound

Technical service, if you must use it, is disappointing. After months of aural happiness, I had to send it back to Onkyo (via a local HH Gregg), for repair of defective video sync - Onkyo did not repair the unit, saying they had called me to discuss -...

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Great Receiver


I found this receiver on sale at a local store for really really really cheap. Otherwise, I would have purchased it here. Oh yah, its really heavy.

Really great receiver. I upgraded from an Onkyo tx-sr505. What a difference! The clicking noise that others have complained about is barely even noticeable and it only occurs when watching tv. Honestly, with the firmware upgrade the clicking noise is...

The video up conversion does not seem to make a difference on my low definition cable. I think it might have something to do with my cable choice. I heard that you can use standard composite cables as components, but I am not so sure. Also, the...

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Blown away!


The set up with the Audyssey is a must do and it really, really makes a difference, especially with the rear speaker volume levels in relation to your favorite chair.

We replaced an old Onkyo with this unit and I was a bit nervous spending twice what we did on our ancient 5.1. So far we have played DVD movies and CD music, but let me say that the sound is incredible. I have never heard such great separation and we...

The hook up is very involved and there are so many features to learn about. My husband has very high + understanding and it took him 4 hours to get it all hooked up properly and set up with the tv, satellite and PS3. Another hour for the Audyssey and...

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

High Quality and Value AVR


Newegg has very good price and very fast ship, but beware of newegg special offer, their preferred account customer service (maybe another financial company) is terrible. I applied an zero interest account for this one but they still charge me interest...

Easy update firmware via internet. Audio is excellent you can hear all the detail at low volumn. This AVR is very good for watch movie if you setup all correct. No drop out problems for me. I don't think 3007 is running hot compare to my other power amps

Make sure you reset 3007 first before setup and update firmware. This step is very useful and important

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Newegg smell stinkyegg.


Go to their forums at eggxperts.com before you decide. Im sure youll change your mind. Ask for cheapassasian.

Not bashing the receiver, Onkyo makes the best. Now if I could get 1 here that actually works, that doesnt look as if has been literraly AIR DROPPED, by the looks of the box. This is my 3rd order for an Onkyo receiver. The first after receiving UPS had...

Find a place that can actually service a customers needs instead of complicating matters. After the 3rd receiver and they are extremely heavy, I called newegg to double box but oh no there was not a button for that on their keyboard

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Mislabeled in Picture


The "What's in the box picture" in this has the Audessy Mic mislabeled as an "Antenna". It is not an antenna, it is a microphone used for calibrating your system.

I don't own this particular model however I do own a vrey similar Onkyo. I am very hapy with the brand

None Found -- maybe a bit better documentation, but again I can't say this one does not have different documentation than mine

Nov 2009

Product Specifications

Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen



Audio D/A Konverter:24-bit/192kHz
Audio Kanäle:9.2
Frequenzbereich:5 - 100000
Signal-zu-Geräusche Verhältnis (SNR):110
THD, totalklirren:0,05


Stromverbrauch (typisch):1060

Gewicht & Abmessungen





Kopfhörer-Konnektivität:2,5 mm
S-Video Out:1


AM-Bandbereich:522 - 1611
Digitales UKW-Radio:87,5 - 108
Radio Data System (RDS):ja

Technische Details

Eingangsempfindlichkeit und -impedanz:2.5 mV/47 kΩ, 250 mV/47 kΩ
Produktfarbe:Schwarz / Silber



Weitere Spezifikationen

Abmessungen (BxTxH):435 x 198 x 463
Anzahl HDMI Anschlüsse:1
Ausgang Energie:200 W/Ch
Energiebedarf:AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
HDMI:ja / Nicht